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Congrats new Senators!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Fall Elections. Below are the elected living area senators. To all new Senators, please remember that the first SA Senate meeting is this Wednesday the 21st at 8:30 in the Assembly Hall. You must be there so that you can be sworn in.

If you have any questions please contact Arthur Rushforth at

- Skyler DeAngelo
- Ajon Cromp
- Joe Messmer
- Rose Avellino

- Benjamin Lloyd Engwer
- Diana Kandefer
- Benjamin Kaufman

- John Bogil
- Samantha Jamieson
- Ryan White

- Jessica Minassian
- Seth Nirenberg
- Edward Brown

- Vertis McMillan

Off Campus
- Owusu "Chief" AnAne
- Robert Pagan
- Jamie Collins
- Charlotte Allen
- Abner Urena
- Joseph Rosati
- Matthew Repetto
- Jessica Braunstein
- Greg Albert
- Ryan Lee
- Victor Medina
- William Hygh
- Liz Moran
- Corina Simonelli

- Kevin Fox
- Joseph Bassell
- Emily Finnegan

- Michael P. Donnelly
- Chris Nelson